Welcome to Stilettos & Standards.

 I am Aïchatou Bella. 

I am a 20-something year old Africana finding the balance between brilliance and insanity in the concrete jungle. This lifestyle blog was created to express my creativity and personality, while forming a safe haven through conformity. It's all about a place of relaxation, inspiration and a spark of interest. As a recent graduate of CUNY Lehman College with a major in Marketing, International Business and Multi-Media Studies and a full-time employee in the fashion world, I am eager to introduce my niche and produce content that connects me with you.

I write about EVERYTHING, but it truly boils down to my love for fashion, art and beauty. Stilettos & Standards is not only defined in literal form but figuratively described as a go-getter who turns her obstacles into opportunities in the classiest manners. It's all about evolving and progressing no matter what the pace- as long as you do NOT stop. As a free-lance writer, I hope this place gives us both the serenity and confidence to do things beyond the "limit" and comfort zone. I would like us to fashionably grow and feed our hunger for success. 

Thats ultimately my goal. Thanks a million for your support!