Natural Oils on The Locks

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I wanted to share with you a few staple products that I use on my hair and love! For a while, I have struggled to understand that my hair doesn't like to be straightened, whether it's with a relaxer, a texturizer, or a flat iron. My hair likes to be itself, the way it was meant to grow!

Now yes, I do wear lots of protective styles, none to which have damaged my hair. (Other than when I had straight extensions with my some of natural hair out blending with it. TERRIBLE IDEA.) To maintain my mane until I accomplish my desired health and length I have been avoiding heat and chemicals, which have tremendously helped its growth.

What may have worked for me, may not necessarily work for you but I do know that sticking to natural hair products may indeed help all hair types.

 For those who are unfamiliar with hair types, here they are:

Because I have a blend of 4A & 4B hair type, my mane tends to dry easily and I needed an affordable moisturizing treatment. If my hair is dry and brittle, it will break! Low manipulation, oil treatments and a wide tooth comb is my key!


My current favorite oils.

Here are a few tips!

Avocado Oil- A great oil containing high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, helping as a moisturizer and enhancing any deep conditioner.

Almond Oil- The usage of this oil for hair growth has a rich and profound history in the natural hair sector. Almond oil can be used as a carrier to delete essential oils like castor oil, promoting hair growth.

Jojoba Oil- This oil can be applied to the mane to help moisture and shine.

Peppermint Oil- This is by far one of my favorites! You can literally feel your pores opening when you place this on your scalp. It has many benefits for hair growth, but is especially great and useful on dry itchy hair.

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Keep in mind, these are ONLY a few of the products that I currently use on my hair.

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