After a few months of having this palette, I am infatuated with the infamous MORPHE 35O PALETTE. Morphe was brought to my attention through the makeup queen herself,Jaclyn Hill, who collaborated with them. Because of its cost, I initially underestimated the quality, and boy was I wrong. 

Usually, when you swatch "affordable" eye shadows, they appear slightly more pigmented on your arm and in the palette then they do on your eyelids. That isn't the case with the 35O Palette, especially if you use a creamy base like Mac's paint pots before the process. There are 35 warm tone shades that vary from shimmery to matte and are quite close in sizes with the Mac eyeshadow pans (retailing for $10-$12). If you are currently venturing out and experimenting with eye shadows, this beats every starter palette! 

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you should purchase directly from MORPHE.COM because I've noticed vendors selling them & duplicates for $100 when it is sold for $22.99. The palette is a permanent item and will continuously restock! I used Jaclyn's code: JACATTACK for $10 off.