15 Facts About Aïchatou ft. Suede

I did the "About Me" tag when I first launched Stilettos & Standards over a year ago, but it was a bit rusty. I was definitely more reserved and uncomfortable with who was reading my post to fully open up- which looking back, does not seem like a good decision. However, I truly want my readers to know me on a comfortable and friendly level, so here I am again doing a short 15 Facts About Me.

1. I am multi-lingual. I am fluent in French (my first language), Spanish, four African dialects & English (which I knew nothing about 15 years ago).

2. I laugh loudly, uncontrollably. Almost every single day- it's very liberating.

3. I am an artist. I love to draw fashion illustrations and hope to one day introduce a print shop here.

4. I am afraid of the dark.

5. I eat a lot of junk and I fall asleep on my yoga mat. (I am working on a healthier lifestyle).

6. I was insecure about the color of my skin and my features because I was bullied on it. Now I know that African girls are made of brown sugar, cocoa, honey and 24 karats worth of mama Africa's gold.

7. I laaaaaave makeup, it's like art to me.

8. I can't save money and I've always blamed it on being a college student. This can't be a good reason now that I am no longer a college student, right?

9. I love shoes- which is probably why number 8 exists.

10. Macaroons and Peonies are the way to my soul.

11. I dream of seeing the world and wandering into different cultures.

12. I am a perfectionist and an overachiever because I am afraid to fail -which can be a curse as I often do not live in the moment.

13. I am a planning freak; I own a life planner and even make a checklist for makeup items, clothes and art supplies.

14. As much as I am into fashion and make-up, my soul also resonates with the Nerd lifestyle. 

15. I am a foodie. I love dressing up to go to restaurants and try things I've never had before.

Am I the only one with these facts? If not, comment below! And please share some fun facts about you.

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