Dear Undergraduate Students

I initially wanted to do a back to school makeup essential, but after consideration and seeing countless amounts of YouTube tutorials on it, I thought to myself. What else could have helped me if I were just starting college...something more logical than beauty And then I thought, Duh, Aïchatou! How to get through it! 

Now yes, being fabulous is by all means important if you are a glam girl like me. But there's also something extremely satisfying when I tell people that I graduated with three majors and seven honors. I was raised from a family that believed in confidence without vanity. While beauty depreciates, your demeanor and intellect that is brought to the table appreciates. With that being said, based on my strict family and my undergrad experience, here are five things you should know about college.

1. Do NOT procrastinate. I promise you, your best work isn't produced under pressure. When you knock things off your list ahead of time, it gives you the liberation to flow ideas in a better state of mind.

2. Be fabulous, but also balance being an intellectual bad ass. There's nothing sexier than a woman who can hold it down herself. Grades DO matter, maybe not on resumes but for other things such as  wanting to get into grad school.

3. You will lose friends. And that's totally fine, it will happen within your college atmosphere and outside of it. As you mature and start to figure out what it is you want outside your comfort zone, it may make others uncomfortable. Stay true to yourself, and those who appreciate your growth will support you. 

4. RENT those books! If you are one of those people who love to keep textbooks, bless your heart. But if you are like me and love to save some $$$ and space? Cheggbookbyte, and Bookrenter are your new friends darling. 

5. While stilettos may be uncomfortable on campus, always keep your standards. Don't get so caught up into the drinking and partying part that you forget your priorities. Play hard, work harder and look pretty! 

Aïchatou Bella2 Comments