First of all, HOW?!

How am I twenty-six already? It's making me a little anxious to see life flashing by and I haven't completed things I'd still like to check off. Then there's this little voice in my head constantly reminding me that life can't be 100% planned and as I get older I am given the opportunity of longevity and wisdom. 

Twenty-five has been filled with fear and anxiety but the laughter and accomplishments are truly what I remember the most. As I close the chapter of a QUARTER OF A CENTURY, where I wholeheartedly learned the meaning of hustling for your dreams, here are some things I'll be taking with me on my Golden Two Six:

1. KINDNESS- I realized that when you're kind and have a pure heart, people will walk all over you. I've had to remain impeccable with my words and behavior when my kindness was continuously tested. Not every action deserves my reaction or me getting out of character to prove a point. I like my softness and my belief that the world is still such a beautiful place through all obstacles. I mean, I can go from high tea to vodka real quick, but I just prefer the high tea part 99% of the time! 

2. YEAR OF YES- If there's anything I am proud of learning during my Quarter of a Century year, it is how incredible my life has been since I've done things out of my comfort zones. When I opened my heart to experiences I've continuously shut down, the world seemed to welcome me with open arms. 

3. NO- I am sure this probably sounds like an oxymoron considering I just said it's been a year of yes for me but hear me out, okay? I came to an understanding of suggestion when to say Yes and when to say No. "No" to things that do not serve a purpose to me. No to things that made me uncomfortable AND unhappy. No to things that didn't work for me but pleased everyone else. 

4. OBSESSION- "Be obsessed with your passion, master it, learn it, fight for it." I tell myself this EVERY TIME and OVER TIME to OVERCOME anything that gives me self doubt and defeat. Because if I am not obsessed with my passion, who will be for me? 

5. CHANGE- I love change, I embrace growth and continuously remind myself that nothing changes if nothing changes. If I want something I've never had, I would have to do something I've never done.

6. GRATITUDE- I know you've seen this already if you read STAYING MOTIVATED. It's so important for me to remember that although I don't have everything I want, I have enough. Practicing the art of a grateful heart has taken me unimaginably far.

7. LIVE- None of the above can happen unless I live to the fullest extent of my potential and in the moment. I am that person who's always waited for summer to happen in the winter and complain about the heat. Once I learned to beauty of living and not surviving, I was able to efficiently practice all of the above.

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