An insanely infamous quote most people swear by as the new year approaches is "New Year, New Me." It without a doubt drives me insane to see it all over social media but, I've had to learn to sip my tea and allow people to grow in their own way. 

My approach for a New Year resolution isn't to become a completely new person for two weeks (something most of us are guilty of) but to strive at becoming better than I once was. I wouldn't describe 2016 as a very memorable year but I would say I've been blessed with more light than dark moments. Among all the things I've learned and shared with you, here are several mantras (from previous posts) that I will be taking with me into 2017.

1. GRATITUDE- I've always been very hard on myself and sometimes play ignorant to what my full plate looks like. Having a grateful heart in moments where things do not seem to go my way has really taken me far.  I can't worry about what someone else has on their plate when mine may be filled in a different aspect. Everyone has a unique timeline so I've learned to be thankful and focus on mine.

2. REALISM- Most of my frustration comes from not being able to achieve a goal within an unreasonable deadline I've created for myself. I firmly believe that nothing is impossible but I consider my timeframe and other noises that might give me a limitation. I've improved by breaking goals into chunks and giving myself a realistic timeframe to achieve them- which always relay such a rewarding feeling. 

3. KINDNESS- When you're kind and have a pure heart, people will walk all over you. I've had to remain impeccable with my words and behavior when my kindness was continuously tested. Not every action deserves my reaction or getting out of character to prove a point. I like my softness and my belief that the world is still such a beautiful place through all obstacles. I mean, I can go from high tea to vodka real quick, but I prefer the high tea part 99% of the time!

4. MOTIVATE- I am an advocate for motivating people to pursue their dreams and do what ultimately make them happy. It's so important to understand that we all have a passion or a hidden talent and when we learn to master these gifts it becomes a fraction of a great manifestation in the world. Could you imagine if someone pushed you beyond your limits just when you were about to give up? Good, now go do the same for someone else and watch how grand you'll feel when they take that leap of faith.

5. LIVE- None of the above can happen unless I live to the fullest extent of my potential and in the moment. I am that person who's always waited for summer to happen in the winter and complained about the heat. Once I learned the beauty of living and not surviving, I was able to efficiently practice all of the above.

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