One of my earliest memories is when I lived back home and was joyous when the neighbors would extend a party invitation. If I saw my mother arranging hair appointments and assembling our (my sisters and I) fancy outfits, I knew it was about to go down! That meant we could attend a party and have sweets, and sweets meant a happy Aïchatou! I would stuff my pockets with as many as my little hands could grab and go home hoping my mother didn't notice (although I'm pretty sure she did by the trail of candy wrappers I left).

I came to the United States at 9 years old and felt like the candy fairies just granted my wishes. I lived where bodegas were so easily accessible and a dollar from my daddy was just a bat of lashes away. You'd think my desire would simmer down considering how much I have indulged due to my freedom but I kid you not, I had macarons for breakfast before writing this post! It reminds me of growing up in Benin with such a strict mother then arriving to the USA as a preteen who could easily attain all the junk food my heart desired.

This look, inspired by Aaliyah Jay, a beauty guru I met at the Beauty Biz Network, triggers so many nostalgic feelings. I've always had an immense obsession with sweets- chocolate and macarons were always my favorites but I really didn't discriminate on anything that gave me a sugar rush. Although it felt unfortunate at the time, I also had a very stern mother who wouldn't even allow me to drink soda unless it was for a particular occasion.



FACE: Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW45 & Pro Longer Concealer in NC45.

CHEEKS: Too Faced How Deep is Your Love Blush, Benefit Sunbeam & ABH That Glow Kit.

CONTOUR: Black Radiance Press Powder in Rich Mahogany to set & Covergirl Queen Ebony Bronze to warm up the face.

BROWS: ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony.

EYES: Morphe 35O Palette and Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes.

LIPS: Too Faced Melted Fig & Sephora Rose Petal Lipgloss. 

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