My trip to Mexico was SUCH a last minute trip! You see, up until a week prior to booking our trip, my best friend Jeannette and I had Puerto Rico in mind. But instead, we decided to switch things up and make last minute arrangements (which made me very nervous considering how much of a control freak I am) once we saw the forecast was much better there. Jeannette wanted to lay out on the beach as much as possible and tan while I wanted to do as many excursions as I could. We squeezed both of our desires into a 5 day trip and sealed the deal with a spa date in our resort, Sandos Caracol, right before our flight on our last day. 

We checked in around 3PM at our pristine resort set in the picturesque city of Riviera Maya. The resort was just serene and eco-friendly, which I really appreciated.

📍Sandos Caracol, Riviera Maya.

These photos were taken after our power nap, right at the pool and on the beach as the sun set and moon popped up. The shack reminded me so much of Beyonce's Lemonade so I had to sneak a photo! 


📍 Sandos Caracol, Riviera Maya.

We were up bright and early to be transported on this ride that reminded me of The Magic School Bus for our 12 hour excursion to Xichén Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.


📍Xelha, Mexico

We made a stop to freshen up and purchase snacks and the eco-friendly public restrooms were to die for. I loved the ceiling baskets and the opened windows by the sink.


📍Ebtun, Mexico.

After roughly a two hour ride, we stopped at Ebtun to explore the Mayan culture in a local area. We were offered yellow crystals to make a wish on and burn as well as blessed water placed to on our knees, heart and temple. 


📍Chichén Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

I was literally standing under the beaming sun, on top of 1 of the 7 wonders of the world. Chichén Itza was created by Mayans at the center of the universe. 



📍Cenote, Ik-Il, Mexico. 

If you were keeping up with my Instagram while I was in Mexico then you know how upset I was for not conquering my fear of jumping into this 150 foot deep water cave. I told myself I was going to jump off the cliff up until I got there and saw how intense everything was. Walking away from this, I told myself that going forward I was going to be limitless and say YES to anything that would challenge my fears.


📍Cenote Ik-Il, Mexico.

I took this candid shot after we had lunch at Cenote Ik-Il. I don't think I've ever appreciated a beverage so much considering how blazing hot the temperature was. 

📍 Valladolid, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Even though it was unplanned, our tour guides from Xplor were kind enough to make sure stopping by the historic Valladolid fit into our schedule and took us anyway. Valladolid was established by the Spaniard and French- relocated from Spain to Mexico where the colonist dismantled the Mayan buildings and reused their stones for a colonial town. There was eventually an uprising between the Mayans and Colonists. 



📍Sandos Caracol, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

With such a jam packed day, Jeannette and I somehow still had enough energy to dress up and head out for dinner. By the time we were all set, only one restaurant was still open. So we headed out for burgers on a swing and ran back to our room because a raccoon chased us! 


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