Before we get into the fun stuff and makeup deets, I should address the elephant in the room: why I haven't been on social media anywhere for the past month. In addition to being on a spiritual and emotional journey, I thought it was the perfect time to refuel my motivation and creative approach during Ramadan. There's usually moments in our lives where we want to throw our hands up and say "I give up". So taking this time off was really necessary and helped me with approaching obstacles a bit differently and turning them into opportunities. Here are five things I've intensely practiced this past month to keep me motivated and I truly hope helps anyone going through a creative funk. 

1. GRATITUDE- I have always been very hard on myself and sometimes disregard what my full plate looks like. Having a grateful heart in moments where things do not seem to go my way has really taken me far.  I can't worry about what someone else is eating on their plate while mine may be filled in a different aspect. Everyone has a different time zone so I need to be thankful and focus on mine. 

2. PATIENCE- Speaking from experience, there has never been a time in my life where God (this spiritual being may be different from yours, but the principal still applies to anyone.) removed something in my life and didn't replace it with something better. I always lacked patience but truly taking things one day at a time and believing that a rough time is just a stage in life helps a lot.

3. SOLITUDE- Being alone for a period of time is absolutely okay. My close friends and I always joke about me being a loner and removing myself from any situation that involves meeting new people. That in itself is something I am working on but in this case solitude truly helps me in clearing up my mind and tackling things differently.

4. REALISM- Most of my frustration comes from not being able to achieve a goal on a deadline but truthfully are my goals attainable in such a short period of time? No. I firmly believe that nothing is impossible but I consider my time frame and other noises that might give limitation. Breaking goals into chunks and realistically giving myself time to achieve them is such a rewarding feeling. 

5. KEEP GOING- Progression is progression no matter what the pace is. The feeling of stopping and not knowing when the results could have happen is uneasy to me. So my rule of thumb is to keep going even if I'm slowing down to mastermind and refuel. 



BROWS: ABH products! Read my brow post here.

EYES: ELF brown eyeliner as a base, Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette in chocolate Peanut Butter in the crease, Tuffled and Cocoa Chili on the lid, Coconut Crème on the brow bone and Caramel on the inner tear duct. 

LASHES: House of Lashes in Temptress Wispy.

CHEEKS: Mac Cosmetics Sweet as Cocoa blush and ABH Glow Kit in Dripping in Gold & Sunburst.

LIPS: Mac Cosmestics lip liner in Chestnut and Colourpop liquid lipstick in LAX. 

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