The last few days in Mexico were just as adventurous as the as our first (Read Here). We did a lot more eating, drinking, sight seeing and ended our stay with a spa date. Mexico was truly a beautiful place to visit with so much informative history, excellent hospitality and tasty food. 



📍 Cenote Xunnan, Mexico.

We woke up bright and early to meet with the Aventuras Mayas team who drove us into a beautiful jungle for activities. We (By that I mean Jeannette) drove ATVs to a hidden gem where we zip lined into a beautiful open cenote. 


📍 Cenote Xunnan- Ha, Mexico.

First of all, I was shedding tears and was literally shaking before getting on. The instructor advised us to lean back when zip lining so that we wouldn't get stuck in the middle of the track.So I was pretty much parallel to the line because I wasn't having that! HAH!  We zipped over 30, 50, 75 feet up in the air, I really was terrified but pushed through after I backed out of jumping off the cliff into Cenote Ik-il. 


📍 Cenote Estrella, Mexico.

Zip lining was followed by swimming in a cave filled with bats and water species. Although the water was freezing cold due to lack of sunlight, the experience itself made me forget about the temperature. How beautiful is this?! 


Photo was taken from google, as I left my camera in my luggage by then.

Photo was taken from google, as I left my camera in my luggage by then.

📍 Sandal Caracol, Eco Spa.

Our last day was completed by spending time at the resort's spa and using the $25 off vouchers gifted to us by our concierge. The Jacuzzi, sauna, pool, tea and 51 minute massage was exactly what we needed before taking our flight in the evening. 


📍 A hundred thousand feet in the air, somewhere between home and adventures.

Being in Mexico was extremely humbling. Staying in our resort with exceptional hospitality to visiting the cities where people with no doors nor electricity, smiled just gave me so much courage and respect. It truly reminds me of growing up in America on a clean slate and being appreciative of what what my parents gave to me. Although I never understood giving away a comfortable lifestyle to struggling here- I now understand that it was all for the opportunity to do what I am currently doing. Living and not surviving. 

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