Every year on December 30th my best friend and I get together to open envelopes to check off things we've accomplished during the year. It's the most rewarding feeling to know we've done what we said we would and reminisce on moments shared together. And right before we call it a night, we write down our new goals and wait until the following year to discover our latest accomplishments.

While it is a tradition I am extremely proud of, many of the goals I jot down are attainable or already in the works. I never go beyond scratching the surface and trying out things that will make me uncomfortable. It wasn't until I read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes that I realized how many times I have said "NO" to situations that were foreign to me. 

I was ambivalent about various things like learning how to swim because I was positive I would slip under water and bang my head, going to networking events because I thought I would embarrass myself or would frown at the thought of a healthier lifestyle because I was sure I lacked the endurance for one. I said 'no' on so many occasions that people started to expect it- and sadly I didn't think to care. As a big dreamer, who loves to be a doer- I knew I had to get out of my shell and explore life. I was hesitant on achieving many of the few things listed above because I was afraid of the unknown. There were many physical and emotional challenges I refused to face because I didn't think I could handle it.

After reading Rhimes' book, I felt the desire and connection of wanting to change my perspective of things. I wanted 2016 to be a year of YES- I needed to invest in myself emotionally and physically. I started to participate in activities like swimming, working out and attending networking events which I would've never imagined of doing. Getting out of my comfort zone was the hardest part because after that, it was easy to just keep going. Once I achieved one task I thought I was unachievable by my own standards, I had a high of finding out what I could accomplish next. 

My year of yes is about achieving goals beyond the tangible. It's about being a dreamer but also being a doer. While this book was the sign I needed to get going, I hope this post is just as much of what you are looking for to start something for the first time. 

Write down a list of five things you'd love to do that absolutely scares you! Give yourself a realistic timeline and go for them either alone or with like-minded individuals who will push you to do them. It will make you uncomfortable but I promise it will be a life lesson. 


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