Textiles Meet Patterns.

I am quite excited about this whole "Closet Confidential" bit of my blog because I am starting to step out of my comfort zone. My friends would describe my style as very chic and preppy.  However, I would like to switch my wardrobe up a bit (while still using what I currently own). Let me tell you, it has been the realest struggle. The thought of looking for edgy pieces while sticking to what I truly love is really intimidating to me (I know it's not that serious, but as I said before, I am such a perfectionist haha.) I am actively searching for a girly look with a subtle edge. Meanwhile, I have been obsessing over black and earth tones thanks to Olivia Pope (from SCANDAL!), I am all about patterns on textiles. The whole layering and mixing different prints idea very fun to me; I just love creativity and stepping out of my comfort zone.

What I am wearing:

Felt Hat- H&M (Similar Here)

Polka Dot Panty Hose- H&M

Chunky Sweater- Victoria's Secret

Leather Jacket- Victoria's Secret (Similar Here)

Puff Skirt- Sabo Skirt (Similar Here)

Ankle boots- Bakers (Similar Here)

Bucket Bag- Zara (Similar Here)

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