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Hello love bugs!

As you can tell I can't hide my excitement for fall!

Although blogging has been very tough, with me going to school and work full-time, and trying to manage a personal life; I am very determined. I have been putting different pieces together and working on those layers! But particularly, I have recently developed an obsession for that whole "badass biker chick' look for fall. The tricky part is doing it in an affordable way. (Basically staying on a budget or using pieces I already have. And let me tell you I can't save for anything.) I am very determined to switch up my wardrobe from a completely girly style to adding a splash of edge to it. Some things have been in my closet since last fall, so I will link a similar alternative.

Leather Jacket- Victoria's Secret ( Similar here )

Salmon Sport Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger 5th Avenue ( Similar here )

Skinny Leather Biker Pants- Zara 

Shopper Bag- Zara Spring 14 ( Similar Here )

Croc Slip-ons- Steve Madden

Oh, and you're awesome for stopping by!

xo, Aïchatou

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