On May 7th, 2015, I was inducted into my third National Honors Society- Alpha Chi Epsilon. The week prior to prepping was filled with an emotional roller coaster of happiness, acknowledgement and stress from work, but in the end it was all worthwhile! I really felt like all my hard work was starting to pay off from all this new recognition and making my mama proud! 

The most emotional part for me, besides my private induction (where I was welcomed into a motivating family) was my public ceremony when I was introduced as a new Honoree. The president called me on stage where my mother placed the Honor Pin on my suit. Each honoree was asked why they chose that particular person to pin them- I chose my mother because there is no one else I could imagine doing it for me. Everything I do is to make her proud and I could tell she was. 

For the ceremony, we were required to wear business attire so of course being who I am, I wanted to jazz it up! After trying a billion and one outfits, I finally found this powder pink suit and paired it with my favorite cropped top. Yup-the one featured in "Class With a Little Bit of Sass." It was an incredible experience and I am glad I have a newfound family who is equally hungry for growth and success as I am.


Blazer- Here | Trousers- Here | Crop Top- Here | Necklace- Similar Here | Earrings- Here | Rings- Here | Nude Pumps- Similar Here | Lipstick- Here