Statement Pieces

When lacking color in your wardrobe, it is important to think of ways to make the minimalistic attire pop. This means adding accessories such as belts, hats, scarves, bags, jewelry and even shoes to balance out the neutral tones. Personally for me, I love my shoes and jewelry to be the talker when my outfit is monochromatic or subtle. There's just something about a bib necklace and the perfect pair of shoes that makes it look like I really tried.

While statement pieces work to balance out an outfit, they could also break it if there is too much going on. So my key is to focus on one piece of garment, typically what stands out the most like the shirt I am wearing, and compliment it rather than clash with it. These orange suede shoes I snagged for only $30 from Zara and this Aldo neckpiece was the right match for just that. It's all about the statement pieces and shoes for me!

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