The older I get and more career based I am starting to feel, the more I want my closet to be monochromatic and minimalistic. It's very important for me to express my love for fashion but in the most simplistic ways. I am all for patterns once in a while, but I have noticed that my morning outfit reaches are starting to equate to neutrals and subtle pastel shades. I want to be able to have pieces that are versatile and can be easily transitioned from a 9-5 work shift to a last minute dinner or girls night out by adding the right accessories. 

In order to really revamp my wardrobe, I needed to take inventory of what I currently have and what I can work with. This means shades, fabric, patterns and accessories that can be paired together. I have settled with a color spectrum of what it is I want and this chart is ultimately it. I want to stick to neutrals as they can be worn all year long and the pop of colors I end up adding to also be versatile enough! While these colors are not my limits, it's ultimately what I want my closet to look like. I am beyond exhausted of having a closet full of clothes and absolutely nothing to wear- which I’m sure most of us suffer from. 

So why not share some goodies and take you along with my wardrobe update? What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet? What are your thoughts on the colors? Comment down below. 

Aïchatou BellaComment