If you have an  Instagram account, you are familiar with "Best of 9" trend, where a computer generates 9 of your most liked photos. For Nostalgic purposes, I thought I'd do the same here and highlight my favorite and most viewed moment of 2015!

For those of you who have been following Stilettos and Standards since it's launch, you know your girl stepped her game up! I was so shied away with expressing my opinion on things and my simplistic my looks. If there's one thing I can take away from blogging this year, it is to be YOURSELF. Talk as if you're talking to your best friend because there's ALWAYS going to be someone who disagrees with what you have to say- and that is completely okay. I'm extremely content to have emerged out of that shell because it is now that I am growing and learning due to my genuine experiences. These pictures signify both my progression and accomplishments in the year of 2015. I truly hope you enjoy reading my eight most popular blog posts as much as I was bubbly writing them! 



• "CLASSIC RED & GRAY"- The beginning of "Closet Confidential"! I started taking my creativity and desire to express my simplistic fashion taste to another level and developed techniques for being in front and behind the camera.

• "15 FACTS ABOUT AÏCHATOU FT. SUEDE"- I am not sure what I loved more about this blog post. The fact that I opened up here and share things about me, considering how private I can be, or this suede dress I scooped up in my travels a summer evening in SOHO, NY.

•"CAMOUFLAGE"- This post reminds me so much of why persistence and determination is important. It was humid and raining, my hair started to get frizzy but I sucked it up to get the image I pictured in my head. This has been one of my most viewed and like post!

•"CASUAL CHIC X BOMBER JACKET"- Who knew distressed jeans could look so effortless with a crisp button down, a pair of white pumps and a bomber jacket? I didn't that's for sure!



•"THE BOYFRIEND DENIM"- Let me just say that, these are still my favorite jeans and I am not letting them go. *flips hair*

•"GLAM, SLAY, REPEAT" - YUP, this was the post where I comfortably discussed the reality of bloggers. We are normal, and absolutely repeat outfits or pieces in our closet because realistically speaking, who really doesn't like recycling fabulous looks?!

•"CITY DOLL"- I love love love this blog post! It was shortly after I obtained my college degree and met one of my really good friends for a celebration brunch at Sarabeth's. We were chatting about life goals and how much we had grown when I suddenly I looked across the street and couldn't pass up the opportunity of shooting on this beautiful wall after dessert. 

•"A QUARTER OF A CENTURY"- I turned TWENTY-FIVE! 2015 was such a great year. I graduated from college among the top of my class on a full ride, became a U.S. Citizen and actually traveled as much as I wanted to. I grew with this blog and learned so much about myself. Ending chapter 24 and starting my 25th is just bittersweet but a breath of fresh air because I can feel 2016 being a great one!

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