Distressed T-shirts have literally been all over social media, so when I saw it again on my Instagram, I knew it was a fashion trend I wanted to join in on. While these could be purchased, I preferred to have a customize and affordable version- that way if I did mess up while distressing it (which is pretty impossible) I wasn't losing so much money. 

I purchased this $20.00 Wutang men's shirt in a size large to fit like a dress- and played around in it to locate where I wanted the holes to fall on in order to make sure my skin wasn't overly exposed. When it comes to DIY projects like this one, it's important to understand that it is meant to be crafty and exciting. I had to remind myself these things as I got a little frustrated about how my shirt was turning out. Overall, it was a very fun project and a learning experience from doing something that could seem a little challenging but so simple. 


DISCLAIMER- These laced up heels require a lot of patience, pain tolerance and time to adjust and wear. 

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  • Start with tiny holes and work your way with the scissors then stretch the cuts with your fingers in order to give it a rugged look. 
  • Fabric scissors are relatively sharp and can easily rip through a shirt if you are not too careful. 
  • In order for you not to cut the back of the shirt, you will need to place your hand underneath as a barrier to prevent cutting through the shirt.
  • An adjustable spray bottle works effectively by allowing you to control how much bleach you'd like on your shirt and how heavy you want the drops to be. 



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