Lately, it seems like there's always something controversial and heartbreaking happening in the world. Every time I turn on the news, there's a family who's lost a loved one to an unfair and brutal death, an unreasonable racial attack or a government under seize. It truly saddens me that lives so short and sweet are being taken away by so many people who are filled with nothing but animosity. 

Through all the madness, I truly hope YOU can find happiness in even the smallest things and believe the world to still be a beautiful place. I myself have been supportive and appreciative of my surroundings so I thought I would share a few ways to spread love and light in a time of darkness and sorrow. Here are a five ways to make your world a little brighter.


1. TAKE A LOVED ONE OUT- I took my brother out to a frozen yogurt date and the idea of doing a simple shoot for the blog came up. I enjoyed summer days as a teenager so why not be a big kid with him when my schedule is cleared? Taking a loved one out, not only makes them feel special but can make you feel good too.

2. VOLUNTEER- Volunteering is a great way to spread love. Giving time is just as valuable, if not more, than giving money. Do a walk for a great cause, support a main stream business, go visit a sick child or donate to a family in need. 

3. MOTIVATE-  I am an advocate for motivating people to pursue their dreams and do what ultimately makes them happy. It's so important to understand that we all have a passion or hidden talent and when we learn to master these gifts it becomes a fraction of a great manifestation in the world. Could you imagine if someone pushed you beyond your limits just when you were about to give up? Good, now go do it to someone else and watch how grand you will feel they take that leap of faith.

4. BE KIND- One of the most natural human reactions is to lash out at those who make us uncomfortable. A prime example for me is when someone makes my commute to work extremely difficult such as slowing down the public transportation (if you live in NYC you know the struggle.) I used to cringe my nose when I saw a homeless person "polluting" a train car with a foul smell or roll my eyes when a disabled person is slowing down a bus. Then I finally realized that illnesses and poverty do not discriminate. I have once been in a situation where I could not afford to pay a bill and have been hospitalized for over three weeks where I required mobility help. When we are put into a situation of helplessness all we desire is kindness and patience. I now smile at a homeless people, discreetly hold my nose and transfer cars. Someone's disability shouldn't upset me because they will make me late. I can plan accordingly to leave my home early because I am able to.

5. TREAT YOURSELF- This starts within! You can't give love if aren't loving yourself. One of my all time my favorite quotes is "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" No really, when was it? Getting out of your comfort zone and accomplishing something new should always be a goal for you. Once these things are achieved you automatically feel the need to share it with the world.

With all that being said, please remember to smile through these tough times because it is just that. Time passes and this too will pass, times of sorrow and pain have their purpose too, and it is with bittersweet hope that we learn something positive from days like these. Don't let it discourage you and find a way to spread love through it all. 

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