Muse of The Month- Tareak Black

Hey Lovebugs!

I have been thinking about this for awhile and decided to have a "Muse of the Month"! This is meant to showcase those who stand out to me or those whom I perceive to envelop some form of motivational empowerment. On occasion, I will reveal my newest muse! It can really be anyone, because I honestly believe that anybody has the power to motivate others.

Here is my first muse!

Tareak Black, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. : Photographer.

What strikes me the most about Tareak is his sense of style and determination in his career!

Tareak is a twenty-one year old self-taught photographer mastering art through his lenses in the streets of New York. He started seven years ago as an extension of videography while recording weekly in churches. He then began to polish his work at home and eventually branched out in 2012.  Tareak independently started videos that he would direct and record. His secret is to take risks with his imagination and use public places to define and complement the subjects he shoots.

 As an editorial photographer who creates ideas and complete them accordingly, his dream is to have his own TV show where he will interview potential artists. In addition, Tareak's style is considered a twist of professionalism, quirkiness and fun! As he describes it, "It's a dapper look, mixed with textures, patterns and colors. While layering and adding funky accessories such as, crazy socks, ties, pockets squares and lapel flowers."

With his expertise and sense of style, Tareak is absolutely impressive and definitely a muse!

XO, Aïchatou