Day One- Why I Have Decided to Have a Blog...

I thought to myself...

"Me? A blog? Who am I to have a page that so many people would follow up, or even care about what I have to say?"

But more importantly, who am I not to be? 

And that's how this blog started. I have always read blogs and said, "Whoa this is brilliant. I can do this!" 

I would think of so many ideas, perhaps 479974226 a day. Then forget them, but I figured that if I could manage to document them through finesse and sophistication, I would thank myself later. 

I feel like a blog is a place to go for people who share common interests and are looking for a grasp of hope, joy and understanding or just simply, a time killer. There are so many facets of our lives that are internationally shared in such a synchronicity, yet no one ever really stops to pay attention to the details.

I want a blog because I want a productive hobby; something I can look back on and be happy about. I want to be myself for once, and discuss topics we often sweep under the rug.

And I want opinions! I want feedback! I want the whole nine yards!

So that's pretty much it.

Join me on my journey and stay tuned.

  Aïchatou Bella