One Hour a Day

I'm sitting here at the doctor's office, for a necessary checkup; after of course going through a maze just to find it. Pensive, thinking about the places in the world I would love to see and the career in my life I would love to have. That's nothing out of the ordinary since I always find my mind wondering about these things during idle times.

But through the millions of thoughts that I had, one stuck out to me the most the most. A colleague of mine explained something I never really noticed. There are twenty-four hours a day, and every single day, most of us use them on things we MUST do for survival. Yet a substantial majority of us never do anything for ourselves. We work to pay the bills, for the homes we never enjoy, and buy the clothes that we end up changing out of in order to look appropriate for a business environment.

To our defense, it's essential that we do these things for a better quality of life. But what life are we trying to improve if we never stop to smell the roses? As cliché as this may seem, do we really enjoy ourselves? What exactly are we doing to alleviate our catastrophic yet mundane days?  When was the last time we did something for the first time? 

These were things I started asking myself, and even if the time was not right, something had to give. So I vowed to take at least one hour a day, to do something that would better me than yesterday; Should it be writing, reading, painting, going to a spa, ANYTHING. 

Sometimes the moment is now! While we are so busy focusing on the bigger picture to impact everything, it is the most elusive details irrevocably tweaking the balance of our galaxy. (Sarah Desson inspired this quote.) 

Here are to new challenges and actually enjoying the things we take for granted!