Twenty Things to Do While in Your Twenties

I have been beyond queasy for this particular topic! As a twenty-something year old myself, it was difficult to take sight of what I may be missing in my life. But after some thorough research and asking around, I found some great ideas on how to make my twenties everything they should be and better! These are the golden years of our transformation from the adolescent stages to that of adulthood. 


20. FORGIVE. There can be some hurtful things you may have unintentionally done to people, and hurtful things people may have done to you. Learn to let it go.

19. BE AN ADULT. Be yourself, do not lose sight of what it is you want. Be fun and crazy but find balance. Habits are created in your twenties and they can become second nature.

18. STRUGGLE. Don't let it control you, but learn from misfortune and never get discouraged.

17. BE ORGANIZED. It is actually okay to have a checklist or a planner. When the world becomes hectic, things are likely to be overwhelming.

16. BE IMPECCABLE. Talk like you are about to get a promotion and dress as if you're about to make an impression. People do judge, but please be you.

15. DO SOMETHING. Solely for the sake of your adrenaline. Anything you thought of never doing, do it! Today! It's about taking everything you selfishly can out of life, rather than just waiting around. Once you settle down, things become a bit challenging to do.

14. BUILD A FORTUNE. Establish a retirement plan early. Create a business if that is what you would like. Stick to it and save up! Aim to be a millionaire by your thirties and a billionaire in your 40s.

13. LOVE YOUR PARENTS. Thank them, treat them. They have been the guiding forces of your life. Whether it may be something tiny or extravagant in magnitude, find a way to make them smile.

12. BEST FRIENDS. Surround yourself with only those you would like to keep around. Make sure they are trustworthy because your thirties is not the time to start making new ones rather than that of relaxing and enjoying what has been built.

11. PARTNERS. Outline who you would like to be with. Be realistic. Then try to be the kind of person you would marry.

10. DON'T DWELL. The negatives are bound to happen. If something doesn't work out, choose a different route if there's ever a time to do it. Twenties is all about discovery baby!

9. TRAVEL. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make.  Take a camera and snap pictures. Your memory will thank you later.

8. NETWORK. It's for your net-worth. Meet those who will potentially help you grow. Keep your business cards at arms reach if you have any. Hustle until you have a black card.

7. GIVE BACK. Be kind; buy lunch for a homeless person. Smile. It really is contagious. Hold doors for people; help a blind person cross the street. But give in silence and appreciate in volumes.

6. READ. Learn to do so regularly. Your mind would capture new levels of intellectuality.

5. SAVE. Before you are able to save, you must be debt free. Debt grows as years go by, burdening you with limitations. Put money in the bank and leave it in the bank.

4. GET YOUR OWN PLACE. Find your own voice and independence. Moving out of your parents house or taking the initiative to put a lot of twenty-something at ease.

3. LIFE GOALS. Outline them and stick to them. Buy a vision board and refresh your motivation.

2. TREAT YOURSELF. Begin a hobby or find a task you actually love doing. You'll be surprise how gratifying it can be to actually do something for the sake of your own enjoyment!

1. BE DAUNTLESS. Never let fear control you. Feel it and do it anyway!

XO, Aïchatou