The Fabulous Fives


It's not the easiest thing, being a female in today's society. We are often devalued or underestimated yet often placed on pedestals with the high expectations. As women, there are things about us that are misinterpreted or simply brushed off. Here are five things we should own and be proud of embodying in our everyday lives. I myself have been struggling with accepting the list below, but I am striving to the point that it is second nature.

1. YOU'RE FLAWLESS- No, seriously. You woke up like this, just like Beyoncé. After all, we all have the same 24 hours right? So own it, darling! You're flawless! Don’t let anyone say otherwise. Wake up, look yourself the in the mirror and tell yourself. Then go about your day, doll.

2. GOAL DIGGER- Not Gold, GOAL. You are just as capable of getting what you want as anyone else. Don't set a limit to your dreams; if you want something go get it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having too much determination and drive. Set yourself a realistic goal or deadline, and reach it. It's one of the greatest feelings.

3. CONFIDENCE- This may be perceived as snobbery or conceit. But your confidence should surely be worn like your lipstick. Don't let anyone who is intimidated teach you to shrink yourself. Believe in yourself and that everything you have created is through beauty.

4. CLASS- It's not all about the way we (as women) dress. Even if that's the first characteristic of class people usually gravitates toward. Anyone can be classy. It is about finding the balance of power, confidence, and sexiness while tying it all in a bow of maturity and etiquette.

5. DAUNTLESS- There's nothing that anyone could say that should be powerful enough to the point of intimidation or fear. People will try to walk all over you, step on your toes. Just step back, take a breather and pretend it doesn't even exist. Anything you want, you can go for. Feel the fear and do it anyway!


So these are the five things I'm starting to work on, to be a better me. And I thought I would share it!


Aïchatou Bella