Vandal is a restaurant inspired by the global artsy street fare and sits near the cobblestone streets of Bowery. The menu is filled with delicious tapas style portions that are mouth watering with the perfect splash of ambiance. If you're familiar with Tao and love the vibes, this would be right up your alley as it was founded by the same bombass Tao Group. 

The restaurant welcomes you with a beautiful terrarium-like garden entry that leads to a corridor similar to the Jeff Koons exhibit, where you can check in. There are many approachable bar tenders and friendly waiters filled with great recommendations of unique drinks and food. While often a jammed packed restaurant (even with reservations), my cousin and I were lucky enough to be seated right on time after trying out the Double Dutch (highly recommended) and Trigger Finger at the bar. 

Each room is painted by a different street artist and reminded me of my love for art and the freedom it brings within. We tried out the Pretzel Steak Tartare (my favorite), Chicken Shawarma Salad, Grilled Brussel Sprouts and Balinese Branzino. The food is lovely but you're really in Vandal for the ambiance and elite atmosphere. 

It's absolutely a place worth checking out a few times for the experience and ambiance but be prepare to spend some coins because a tab for two can easily be $200. 

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