Do you have oily, dry or combination skin? Do you suffer from excessive or occasional break outs? Do you love face masks but you don't want them leaving your skin deprived of its natural oils? Are you looking for the perfect one to pamper your skin? You've come to the right post, you should stay a little longer. 


The Peter Thomas Mask-a-Holic is the perfect bundle for any skin type, giving you the option of various masks and allowing you to figure out what works best for your skin.

I enjoy using masks, especially after a long day of work when I'm in need of some kind of pampering without the price of an ultimate spa day. However, most masks I use end up leaving my face so squeaky clean that they strip my skin of its natural oil. While I do have an oily T-Zone (the center of my face that outlines like the letter T) it is still essential to keep my skin moisturized. An oily face is the result of your skin producing too much oil due to the lack of, hence why we still need to moisturize and prime before applying makeup. 

I finally snagged this Peter Thomas set when a sample was given to me at Sephora. The masks give me such intense hydration while doing the job of keeping my acne in check. The option of having 5 different masks for $75 rather than trying out one for about $80 is a steal, especially since a little goes such a long way. This package allows me to figure out what my skin needs in terms of treatments and what works best before splurging on the full size items. I've had it for several weeks now and can honestly say these masks leave my skin better than then it was before.

I make sure to use one mask at a time, three times a week to monitor results. That way if there is any allergic reaction I would be able to determine the cause. I leave the masks on a clean face for approximately 10-15 minutes when my pores were opened and can properly absorbed the treatments.

My favorite would hands down be the Mud Mask, which I will replenish on once this bunch is done. Have you tried any Peter Thomas products? What are your favorites? Please comment down below and let me know- it may be something I want!

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