GAWDS of Glam.

Hey love bugs!

I hope you're all doing fabulous. I wanted to share my favorite current makeup items that are giving me the fall look to the GAWDS of GLAM! Within the bunch, I have my favorites, which I gravitate so much towards. I am all for a natural flawless look, especially since I am in the fashion and professional industry. Now let's get down to the fun stuff!

 1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. 

This was actually an impulsive purchase, and I am really glad I purchased it. I was a bit skeptical about returning it because I was not sure how to incorporate a neutral look, but I did some research on YouTube and now I can't keep my hands away. I love, love, love the packaging by the way. I am a sucker for those. 

 My favorite shades to give me a soft look and bright eyes are Foxy, Bootycall, and Snakebite. 

 2. Too Faced Chocolate Palette. 

It smells just like cocoa, OMG. This palette has very pigmented and incredible shades. This was definitely worth the hype and money. From light, neutral to dark shades, it can be used for all four seasons.

 My favorite shades especially for fall looks are Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Crème Brûlée, Semi-Sweet and Milk Chocolate. 

 3. Luxie Lush Kabuki Brushes.

I absolutely LOVE these brushes. From the softness of how they feel to the effortless blending they give to my face. Where have I been when everyone was obsessing over Kabuki brushes? I was immediately sold on the pink and rose gold details. (Anyone who knows me knows I love rose gold and pink.) 

 Some of the brushes I gravitate towards the most are the Detailed Tapered Blender for my tear duct, The Detailed Flat Blender to blend my concealer, the Angled Top Buffer for my cheek contour and the Flat Top Kabuki to apply my foundation. 

 4. ESSIE Nail Polishes. 

I do not only wear Essie polishes. I have a large variety of polishes from high end to the local beauty supply types, but Essie has definitely been my obsession for a couple of months now. I love that the consistency is so thick where you can't see you nail bed. I have wrote about some of these polishes already, but I wanted to show some new additions. 

 From left to right: Jazz, Cabi-o-Lait, East Hampton Cottage, Prima Ballerina, Spin the Bottle, Sugar Daddy. 

 I hope to have included some insightful information that may help you a bit with your beauty choices! 

 Thank you for stopping by,

 XO, Aïchatou