EST. 1990

Hello love bugs! 

I wanted to share with you my 24th birthday festivities and give you the deets on everything. The day before, I went to this cozy Korean restaurant and the Broadway Comedy Club. For the most part the comedians were hilarious, but there were some that really did not connect with the crowd. If you're a comedy fanatic, and haven’t been to the Broadway Comedy Club yet, you should definitely add it into your next outing.



 However, the day of my birthday was a little frustrating. Things didn't go as planned, but as they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." So I worked with what I could and went with the flow.

 The night of my birthday I wanted to capture photos of almost everything, the city reminded me of Gotham and I know this sounds ridiculous but the whole night I secretly waited for Batman to fly out and turn my night into an adventure!

 We ended up going out for dinner and I realllyyyyy loved the restaurant we chose, Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar. While there, my awesome blogger friend Chelsea from, Chelsea as of Late managed to score ten free drinks for our dinner table! Luckily, she bumped into a friend who happened to work there, and was generous enough to give her these ticket vouchers. For my entrée, I had the mushroom ravioli shrimp scampi on the side, which were really delicious. One thing that bothered me was how tiny the portions were, I mean I LOVE food and I want my portions to be a bit reasonable especially for the price I’m paying. However, the meal was delicious nonetheless, and I had a great time. I definitely plan to go back during the summer for its natural tone scenery and calm setting.



A few days later, I was surprised with a beautiful and delicious Oreo cake at work and came home to a family dinner and a chocolate cake that was so yummy it didn’t make it to the end of the day. Even though I had been going through some stress, my family reminded me that I am LOVED, and that in itself was a beautiful birthday gift. 

 Thank you to everyone who took his or her time to wish me a fabulous birthday! There are so many things to achieve for 24 and I cannot wait to share them with you at 25. 


XO, Aïchatou