Exam Survival Kit.

Hello love bugs!

Let me tell you, senior year being known as the toughest year in college is no myth. There's so much pressure to succeed without any delays for graduation. With that being said, I thought it would be a great idea to gather some useful tips that could ease exam preparations. If you have any tricks that I have not posted, PLEASE do share!

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Time management. You really can't get anything done if you don't have the time to do it. Time management allows you the opportunity to PLAN! Set an allotted schedule for each course, that way you don't have to cram too much into one session and overwhelm yourself. Being aware of the tasks before hand is preparation in itself. You know exactly where your focus should be, the notes to read through, information you may need to gather and what you are mentally setting yourself up for.

Do NOT Procrastinate. I know you have heard this a million times but let me tell you once more, don't do it! I have recently forced myself out of this habit. Procrastination creates confusion and a half-ass effort.

Plan. This has helped me A LOT. I divide my list into subjects or classes, then create bullet points of what needs to be done with a highlighted due date right next to it. Being able to see how to prioritize my study session and checking them off gives me control and confidence.

Have a study partner or group. If study groups are your thing, I would say go for it! I personally would rather studying on my own time and in my comfort zone. BUT, I always have at least two classmate's numbers at arms reach in case I stumble or struggle with something they may have understood. 

Do not read EVERYTHING. The worst thing you can do is try reading 4567326 pages for an exam.  What I actually do is go back to my notes and see the valid points the professor made, create a study sheet from each chapter and focus on that.

Take breaks. I used to always sit and study for hours until I realized how terrible of an idea it was. Now I set a schedule and reward myself with an hour break in between chapters to refuel. Oh which reminds me, DONT STRESS. I am such a stress freak and an over achiever. Don't follow my lead, do better! I'm learning to accept that my best is all that matters and I am not going to always get a perfect score. 

I hope these studying tips were very helpful to you as they were to me. Good luck on your exams!

XO, Aïchatou