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Hello Dolls!

WOW! It is really 2015? Time is FLYINGGGG! 

I decided to stay in as always for New Year's Eve and reminisce on things I wanted to work on- in relation to goals, self growth and my love for God. I do not believe in resolutions, but I do believe in progressions and elevations. As the first page of this new book opens, I want to show my gratitude to my friends and loved ones who push me beyond limits to reach for my dreams. I have so many things to accomplish and I cannot wait to show them to you through actions!

I wish each and everyone of you an amazing year! 

May your hearts be filled with warmth, your stars limitless and your health invincible. May you find happiness in the smallest details and ignore sadness when it is big in magnitude. May each and every page you turn be prosperous, adventurous and memorable.


XO, Aïchatou.

Book: Acts of Faith- Vanzant Iyanla