Heroine for Your Lover.


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to talk about a successful lipstick application. Although lip color often looks easy to the eye, there are some tips that could be useful and easy for smooth, kissable lips! Since winter winds are so brutal, we might suffer from the occasional blisters or chapped lips. But this post will tell you that, whether you're going for a matte, cream sheen or a glossy look, these steps I am about to share will ensure smooth looking lips. Now the majority of people usually go for a soft nude or light pink shade but I wanted to be a little daring and go for a deep purple shade -this is perfect with a soft neutral eye look so that everything flows seamlessly.


Step 1: Frank.

Scrubbing is an important step when you are wearing bold lips. It allows you to remove all the dead skin and gives you a smoother surface. The current scrub that I am using is, Frank Cacao Coffee Scrub for $ 16.95. It has antioxidants, cacao extract and macadamia oil. Besides it smelling soooooo good, using this on my entire body two-three times a week leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. A cheaper and possibly more fun alternative to purchasing this scrub would be combining brown sugar and honey as an organic scrub for your lips.


Step 2: Rose Bud.

After scrubbing your lips, the next step is moisturizing them. Apply the Rosebud Lip Balm before my makeup application. This balm works it's magic by sealing all the moisture that the Frank scrub has brought to your lips.



Step 3: Vino.

After your makeup application it is time to add the final touch! Applying an lip liner seems like an irrelevant step but when done correctly it emphasizes the color of your lipstick and creates a barrier that prevents it from bleeding. In this particular case, I am using Mac's Vino to darken my lipstick.  


Step 4: Heroine.

The final step is applying the lipstick of your choice! Take your time doing this so that all the hard work does not go to waste. I am using Mac's Heroine for a daring purple shade. Don't be afraid to layer, until you are comfortable with your shade! Although you shouldn't scrub your lips every day because of its abrasiveness, following the other steps whenever you apply your lipstick will give you the perfect look! If you mess up don't you worry, there is nothing a little concealer can't clean.