Stilettos & Standards Meets Women & Whiskies.


When most of us think of whiskey, the words associated with it are more than often masculine, heavy and aggressive. But after being in a room filled with twenty plus women and learning the history of whiskey, I am confident enough to say that when the king is a woman, it's okay for her to expand her taste buds. 

Women and Whiskies, a program "created for women at all levels of whisky connoisseurship" host events to provide us ladies with the knowledge and power of understanding that it is okay for us to know our whisky and sip it too. Whether it is from a Canadian, European or American barrel, I learned the different levels of taste, age, texture on the tongue and senses a glass or two of whisky can give. 

It was a great experience as a lifestyle blogger to network with a diverse pack of women with common interests -this all took place at The Meatball Shop where I relished in desserts, goody bags and great hospitality. I strongly recommend you check out their Instagram and be on the look out to try out the diverse collection of fine whiskies including Wild Turkey, Russell’s Reserve, Glen Grant, Irish Mist Whiskey, and Forty Creek (my favorite is the Wild Turkey for its subtle taste). 


You must be 21 and over- please drink not necessarily with stilettos but with standards.