Love It or Leave It: Blue vs. Pink.

When you look at this photo, besides the color, you ideally assume that these sponges are identical and should do the same exact thing. Well I thought so and I was wrong. 

These egg shaped sponges, the pink being a Beauty Blender and the perry-winkle blue being a Ricky's Latex free sponge are known for effortlessly blending makeup for a live Photoshop finish. When I first learned about it, I encountered the pink, retailing for $20 and thought it to be absolutely ridiculous. I mean come on, $20?! That was unreasonable. Being me, I purchased it anyway for the sake of curiosity and was satisfied yet unsold. (Click here to view the techniques of a Beauty Blender by one of my favorite YouTube Guru Nicole Guierriero.)

Last week, I had to replenish a few beauty gems that Ricky's carried and was distracted by a rainbow of sponges that were generic and half the price of a Beauty Blender, $10. It still was a bit pricey for me, but if I could find a replacement for half the price I would shoot for it. I went home completely excited to try this pastel sponge and to my dismay, it failed me! 

While the Beauty Blender was a soft cushion that smoothed out my concealer without much of an effort, the Ricky's Latex Free sponge absorbed my pricey product and left me patchy. There is a composition to this pink sponge that could not be replicated by any other sponge.

It might be annoying to splurge on something so common, but some things are pricey simply because they're doing the job equal to that amount of quality.

Moral of the story? Love the pink sponge and leave the blue one.