I have tons of eye brushes that I alternate based on the looks I am going for, so it took a lot of effort and heartbreak to minimize this to my top five brushes. 
I take pride in these beauties because they really make a difference with my eye shadow application. I knew that if I combined both my favorite face brushes and eye brushes into one post, it would be extremely long. So I broke it down into two- one post for my Favorite Face Brushes and another for my Favorite Eye Brushes. Now that we've talked about the face brushes let get right into my all time favorite eye brushes! 

1. ZOEVA 230 / LUXE PENCIL- The best for smoking out the lower lash line or adding a glow to the inner tear duct. It's all about blending your make up and this bad boy does the job. 

2. ZOEVA 142 / CONCEALER BUFFER- I currently use it to blend out my concealer when I do my eyebrows or to apply a creamy eye shadow base. Because of the density, it gives an airbrushed and opaque effect to the skin by hiding blemishes.

3. ZOEVA 231 / LUXE PETIT CREASE- This brush would slay a cut crease! It is super precise with applying deep colors to the crease while leaving it blended and intensely pigmented. 

4. MAC 224 / TAPERED BLENDING- I'm not even going to lie, I hesitated before purchasing this brush. $32?! The make up artist had me convinced that I needed this brush to the point where I found myself reevaluating my finances at check out. It's a great brush for blending and can really last a long time (YEARS). Do you NEED it? Absolutely not. Is it excellent for blending deep shadows and a great investment? Yes it is.

5. SIGMA E40 / TAPERED BLENDING- This is a GREAT alternative for the MAC 224. (Hence the emphasis on great because it's really that good!) I've had this brush for over 3 years now and it still gets the job done! If you're really on the fence on purchasing the MAC 224, this one does the job just has well. It is a little more dense in comparison but nonetheless great and will literally show the difference when you are using it for your transition shade.