Since I've been talking a lot about makeup lately, I want to focus on my favorite face brushes and their versatility. As stated in my ZOEVA X ROSE GOLD SET post, my favorite part about makeup is using the appropriate tools. With the proper application, a good brush could have any makeup brand look very much like high end products. There are no set rules for using brushes, meaning an eyeshadow brush could ultimately be perfect for Highlighting your cheekbones and a blush brush could work with setting powder all over the face. Without further ado and let's jump right into my favorite variety of brushes and what I use them for!


1. ZOEVA 102/ SILK FINISH BRUSH- this brush is incredible and work so well for foundation. What I personally do is use it and follow up with a beauty blender to remove excess product and brush marks. You can also use this brush for cream contouring because of how dense the bristles are. 

2. ZOEVA 127/ LUXE SHEER CHEEK BRUSH- This brush in comparison to the SILK FINISH is ultra soft and great for the cheeks for blushes or bronzing the face.

3. SONIA KASHUK BLUSHER BRUSH- This is one of my all time favorite brushes. I use it almost every time I apply blush or bronzer. With just a swipe on the apples of my cheeks, I get a natural flush that looks like it's is from within. If there is a brush you would like out of the ones I have stated, this one just be it!

4. REAL TECHNIQUES POWDER BRUSH- I just have to say that Real Techniques ALWAYS comes through with their products! I have liked every item I ever purchased from them. Even their beauty sponges are starting to win my heart and you guys know I swear by my beauty blenders. This brush is perfect for setting your powder and what I love about the synthetic bristles is its inability of absorbing so much product (therefore you are saving so much product and $$$!).

5. SEPHORA PRO FAN BRUSH- I am pretty sure half of you are thinking, "Aïchatou, really? A FAN brush?" Honey I was thinking the same thing until this brush blessed my face with my highlighter. Not only is it great for highlighting, but it's also perfect for dusting away the excess powder once you're done "baking" . So yea, get this one too.