Locals Only

You all know by now that I am a foodie- it's really no surprise that I like to stuff my face because I live for mouth watering and finger licking moments (zero pun intended!). 

When I head out to eat, my decision to come back usually relies on good food, ambiance and hospitality. That generally enhances my experience which becomes contingent on whether or not I'll recommend my friends there. Grand Banks and Claw Daddy does that for me, it makes me want to go back and just bring an entire group of friends there (which I've already done). The vibes and tasty meals just make me want seconds and maybe thirds (even if I am already full).

I didnt spend much time at Grand Banks because by the time my cousin and I ended our photo shoot on the Pier and decided to get a table, the wait was way too long for our growling stomachs. I highly recommend stopping by there around early afternoon during the weekdays, before their peak hours and ordering the "locals only" drink in addition to your meal. Having dinner on a boat would've been a great experience but because it was so packed we decided to get drinks, head to Claw Daddy's and have dinner there next time.

I am so glad Grand Banks didn't work out because I would've never developed an obsession for Claw Daddy's. It has hands down become one of my favorite restaurants because of their kind hostesses, fresh seafood and ADULT CAPRISUN, which is a mixture of drinks of your choice poured into an original "Claw Daddy's" caprison like bag. The ambiance is overall casual but by all means slay if you'd like to because you can never be overdressed.

So far I've tried the fresh oysters and clams, crab cake fritters, shrimp jambalaya, grilled oysters, grilled clams and breaded baked mac and cheese; I have zero complaints about all of the above. The tables give you the option of doodling on paper with crayons but sitting at the bar and hanging out with Holly, our awesome bartender while indulging these delicious plates is definitely the way to go.

Thank you Holly for your bomb bartending skills and the free drinks! 

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