Juvia's Place has taken over most, if not all, social media platforms by storm with its infamous Nubian Palette. This $20.00 gem comes with a 12 piece collection of buttery, warm-tone shades that are easily blended and lasts all day. As a sucker for packaging (if we haven't established that yet) not only is this product well sculpted, but has highly pigmented shimmery and matte pans that compliment all skin shades and undertones.

The beautiful queen, who reminds me of an Egyptian Goddess, lays on a jade green palette that stands true to its name, Nubian. Besides the package itself and how well it is marketed, what attracted me to it was how well the vibrant colors complemented all shades of women and specifically those with melanin who struggle with finding the perfect color hues for their dark skin. 

As a lover of gold, bronze and brown color spectrums this versatile layout is exactly what I need for the golden summer days. It's all about the dew and glow on the skin and this Nubian Queen has the right amount of intensity for just that! 


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