While I no longer suffer from acne, one of the issues that still bothers me is the mark they leave behind. Makeup is a great tool for a boost of confidence but more importantly, being comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate goal. 

Although I do not have acne prone skin, there is an occasional pimple here and there will pop up to remind me of my adolescent days. And when that pimple or zit is gone? It leaves it mark behind! So I had to finally introduce a spot corrector serum into my skincare routine to get rid of this issue. Caudalíe has slowly but surely been vanishing my dark spots and giving me an even skin tone. Although pricey, this $79 jar of magic is really worth it in my opinion. I use it after my toner, while my pores are still open and right before my moisturizer in order to seal it.

When looking for the right product, whether it is the organic route (like using lemon and vitamin C) or a more advanced way (products like this serum), listen to your skin. Be sure to stay away from products that create redness, rashes and more hyper pigmentations after a week or two. It took a little over two weeks to finally see results after applying my serum (morning and night) so be patient because it is really worth the result!

What is your current favorite skincare regiment? Have you used a dark spot corrector before? Click this blog title and leave your comments down below!

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