Freckles has taken the beauty world by storm and I am SO for it. It excites me to see that many people have come to accept freckles as another form of beauty because these are among one of the many things we need to embrace. 

For those of us that didn't know, freckles usually appear on fair complexions but can also be found on darker ones. People with darker skin absorb the sun and can tan easily as opposed to those who lack it. If you lack melanin, the sunlight causes your melanocytes to distributes your tan unevenly which then results to freckles.

I am surrounded by beauties who are blessed with freckles so I thought I would practicipate in the faux freckle trend. I know the majority of us have no in between when it comes to this makeup look because we either absolutely love it or prefer to leave it for the naturals. I achieved these by using a ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner brush & the trusted ABH DipBrow Pomade in Ebony. Although I was very ambivalent about this look due to it being out of my comfort zone, it was fun and reminded me that makeup has no rules. 

What are your thoughts on beauty marks? Did you know freckles were a result of the distribution of uneven melanin? Have you tried the faux freckles trend or is it not your cup of tea? 

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BROWS: ABH products! Read my brow post here.

EYES: Morphe 35O Palette. Read my review here.

LASHES: Ardell Demi Wispies.

CHEEKS: Mac Cosmetics Sweet as Cocoa blush and ABH Glow Kit in Dripping in Gold & Sunburst.

LIPS: NYX Cosmetics Lipliner in Rose & ABH Lipgloss in Kristen. 


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