US OPEN 2016

Up until a few months ago, I had been the least athletic person you would ever meet. I didn't even know what a point guard in basketball was. (Don't do that- I feel you judging me and this is a judgement free zone). Sports were fun to play in high school but once I graduated, I didn't even entertain the idea of lifting a ball let alone watching a game. So to my surprise when I went to the US Open I was like a kid in Disney world-extremely happy and wanting to do every activity available. Here are some things I learned when I attended the US Open as a newbie.

1- You will need sunblock, sunglasses, a hat and water to stay hydrated. The sun is literally beaming over your head and there's barely anywhere for you to find shade in this open arena. So prepare yourself and dress comfortably.

2. If you don't know what's going on, don't be afraid to ask because chances are that you're not the only one. The game is more enjoyable when you know what's going on rather than going along with what the crowd is doing. I initially felt lost but the minute my friend explained to me what was going on, you can bet I was just as excited.

3. Travel lightly. There's A LOT of walking around so the last thing you'd want to do is carry a bunch of things you really won't need. A backpack or a wristlet that would be attached to you and easy to carry around is highly recommended. Research what you can actually bring into the park per season so you don't get torn with having to throw away your expensive fragrance or hot tools (I know what you are thinking, HOT TOOLS?! Yes, there are people who brought those in). 

4. The atmosphere is a calming slow pace compared to what usually happens in NYC. It's a nice feeling to escape for a day and be in an environment where you can stop and take in your surroundings. 

5. Take advantage of the free things! Be shameless & happy! My job offered the option of a buy one ticket and get one free for a limited time but there was a 12-6PM free activity which included the semi-finals so we happily took the opportunity. 

FUN FACT: US Open is the fourth Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year. The other three Grands Slams of the year are Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. 

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