In case you missed it, I wanted to share the link to my Makeover Monday video with The Scene. I had the opportunity of stopping by Condé Nast (home of prestige magazines like GQ, Vogue & Glamour) to do a look that portrayed leaving the runway and going to dinner. It was all about sporting matte lips and wearing a GLOW. I am super grateful for the experience and feel amazing about this YEAR OF YES experience. 

When the producer of The Scene reached out to me about doing my makeup and interacting on their Facebook page live, I was terrified! My initial instinct was to say NO, but then I thought, isn't this supposed to be your YEAR OF YES?! Aren't you supposed to feel a little uncomfortable before doing something that could be truly amazing? GO FOR IT! This was the best decision I made because it made me realize how much I love the camera and would like to introduce a Facebook live tutorials more often! It's organic, it's real and it's life. So keep your eyes peeled, prep up your lattes or wine, because it's going down!

THANK YOU to everyone who watched and interacted with me. Please let me know your thoughts as I will be doing more makeover looks!

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